Relax on our EnviroLiner with our New European and American Services

Today – Sao Paulo

SamwickAir introduced new Boeing 767 EnviroLiner flights to United States and New European Services.

Samwick Air announced at today that the American routes and New European Services operated as planned.The New European Services firstly provided flights to the capital of Portugal and Spain by Boeing 767 EnviroLiner. The EnviroLiner also flies to new United States routes to New York and San Francisco. The Chief Administration Officer of Samwick Air, Mr. Yuuji Izumo said ” Following the Portugal and Spain became new members of European Union, more leisure and business travelers will flies between Brazil or South America to Europe.”

Samwick Air also named Boeing 767 as EnviroLiner as this is first environmentally friendly plane flying Samwick Air. The 767Enviroliner uses only 450L of fuel from Brazil to New York per passenger.This amount of fuel can let an automobile travel half of this journey on the even paved road.And the Boeing 767 emits 50% lesser of carbon dioxide compare with cars running on the road in US. Boeing Inc. also proved that noise level of a 767 taking off from a runway is about the same as the average street corner traffic noise with the test report.

“We believe quite during the flight is the most important to our passengers, especially the business traveler on the plane. Passenger are able to have a good sleep or even enjoy their music on Walkman. And we introduced the 767Enviroliner is to prove our enterprise responsibility that is response for the society and environment.”

The second part of New European Services will mainly a enhance currently service, included adding flights and provide upgraded relaxing cabin to passengers, mainly business travelers . Also Samwick Air will enhance connection service with Transcon World Alliance. This will be provided by the second of the year .

About Samwick Air,
Samwick Air is the largest carrier in Brazil established on year 1980 to provide international air services under the main theme: Let Passenger Relax. Samwick Air provided direct flights to Europe mainly and inter-continental services with comfortable cabin and all jet express domestic flights.

About Transcon World Alliance,
Transcon World Alliance founded on 1980 and formed with every continent’s largest carrier. In year 1985, top four airlines in the world are also TWA alliance ‘s member and expected more TWA members became the top 10 in the world in further.

About Boeing767 EnviroLiner,
The Boeing 767 family is a complete family of airplanes providing maximum market versatility in the 200- to 300-seat market. Boeing 767 introduced all new glass cockpit computerized control and two crew cockpit.767s produce less pollutant emissions per pound of fuel than any comparably sized jetliner, including the A330-200. When combined with the fact that the 767 also burns significantly less fuel, the 767 is truly the “clear” winner. The 767 family is cleaner than industry standards for all categories of emissions — nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons, smoke and carbon monoxide.

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