SamwickAir launches 15 MD-11 with McDonnell Douglas with relaxing cabin design

Dec/31 – Sao Paulo

New Year Presents are coming! SamwickAir launches 15 MD-11 Trijet with McDonnell Douglas.

Computer simulated design graph provided by McDonnell Douglas

Computer simulated design graph provided by McDonnell Douglas

As the largest carrier in Brazil, SamwickAir operates a big portion of long haul aircraft in the fleet. The company planned to expand Asia and American routes in the future once long haul planes delivered. SamwickAir working with McDonnell Douglas on the production topics. Following McDonnell Douglas new generation airliner development plan – MD11, the MD-11 will able to flies more then 6000 nautical miles, have more capacity and also more environmental friendly by using high technology General Electric CF6-80C2 engine.

This McDonnell Douglas MD-11 perfectly meets the range and capacity requirement of currently SamwickAir routes. MD-11 introduced circle cabin section design letting passengers have the most room. With this 6.02 meters width cabin, SamwickAir put RelaxingCabin™ into this new trijet MD-11 eventually. Two types of relaxing cabin will be provided for passengers, a long haul seat configuration and world traveling seat configuration. Long haul configuration will provide 306 seats included 10 First Class seats and 16 Business Class seats. World Traveling configuration was designed for cross continent flight. In this configuration, 6 First Class Suite plus 15 Relaxbussiness seat and 220 economy class.

“The new MD-11 trijet will be put into most of our long haul routes including European and Asian routes. These MD-11 will replace all of our current DC-10 and Lockheed Tristar fleet. We will mainly put them into main European routes and Asian route at first, after that you will see our long haul flights are flying brand new aircraft.We feel proud to sign the deal of MD-11, this is our honor to launch this prefect plane.” According to the Chief Administration Officer – Mr. Yuuji Izumo

Cockpit design provided by McDonnell Douglas.

Cockpit design provided by McDonnell Douglas.

The MD-11 also equipped with two crew glass cockpit. The plane will be controlled by advanced flight computers with 6 cathode ray display inside the cockpit to replace the round dial cockpit instruments.That will reduce maintenance cost and operation cost of the plane.It also increased the reliability and directly affects the punctuality of flights.

This MD-11 trijet will be put in service in late 1990 and early 1991.

About Samwick Air,
Samwick Air is the largest carrier in Brazil established on year 1980 to provide international air services under the main theme: Let Passenger Relax. Samwick Air provided direct flights to Europe mainly and inter-continental services with RelaxingCabin™ and all jet express domestic flights.

About McDonnell Douglas MD-11,
The MD-11, the world’s only modern large, wide-cabin trijet, offers a highly sophisticated flight deck and advanced automatic system controls that substantially reduce pilot workload. In service with customers in all parts of the world, the MD-11 was produced in Long Beach, California.Seating capacities on the standard airplane vary from 285 in a three-class arrangement to 410 in an all-economy configuration. Below the main deck, the MD-11 provides more space for containerized or palletized cargo after passenger bags are loaded than any other jetliner, yielding important additional revenue for its operators.Advances in aerodynamics, propulsion, aircraft systems, cockpit avionics and interior design contribute to the performance and operating economy of all MD-11 models. Aerodynamic improvements include winglets and a redesigned wing trailing edge, a smaller horizontal tail with integral fuel tanks and an extended tail cone. These features reduce drag, save fuel and add range.

About McDonnell Douglas,
McDonnell Douglas was a major American aerospace manufacturer and defense contractor, producing a number of famous commercial and military aircraft. It formed from a merger of McDonnell Aircraft and Douglas Aircraft in 1967. McDonnell Douglas was based at St. Louis’s Lambert International Airport, in Berkeley, Missouri near the city of St. Louis. The McDonnell Douglas Technical Services Company (MDTSC), a subsidiary of McDonnell Douglas, was headquartered in unincorporated St. Louis County, Missouri, United States.

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