A new page for us, a new story for people

Today, Tokyo Metropolis

Himawari Airlines now flying with complete brand new aircraft fleet
This is a new leaf of our history, also a new story of every people, passengers, and our professional flight crew

After the last flight of McDonnell Douglas DC-10 aircraft yesterday, every flight of Himawari Airlines are factory-new planes. Three years ago, at the day Himawari Airlines established, we made a promise that all old aircraft preceded from defunct Japan National Airways will be replaced. Starting from now, we have one of the youngest fleet in the world and most safety and smooth operations on every flights.

Following the new planes in service, passengers are able to have a new experience inside our Relaxing Cabin. Inside various Relaxing Cabin on our planes, passengers of Leisure Class, Green Executive and Sky First are having new seat pitch and hospitality seat that can let you relax during your business trip and leisure tours. We also offered in-flight entertainment – Mind Channel, which is the latest technology that offered you a video programs, movie and games on the personal TV installed on every seat. On Connection Network flights, active noise canceling system were equipped on jet speed propeller saab2000 aeroplanes. Letting passengers get ready for their journey without annoying noise.

Besides providing excellent services to passengers, they will also got noticed by a word “この航空機は従来の半分以下の燃料で飛行しでいます – This planes only burns 50% of fuel compare with the past.” on our latest safety instruction card. As the new fleet only consume 50% of fuel compare with aircraft preceded from Japan National Airways aircraft. That is a great contribution to the enviroment and letting the airline to provide sustainable service under the economic downturn in Japan. Furthermore, many airport in Japan are very close to residents due to land restrictions. All of our planes are providing low noise level with the most saving engines, that reached our commitment to protect to the enviroment and community around us with best effort.

“Although we were also experienced aircraft supply shortage as there were huge demand for Airbus aircraft from all over the world, we still tried our best to negotiate with Airbus to arrange us more aircraft to delivered in year 1995 by adjusting A340 deliver date. Finally, we meets our target and provided best services ever had for passengers to and from Japan. Therefore we were delighted to share the news the news on TV, newspapers and billboard advertisements by our slogan: 人に.新しいストーリ A new story for people. This new slogan also contained the meaning that we are people-oriented airlines that giving best services to people and maintaining a best enviroment for people too even in the skies and on the ground. And no competitors inside Japan can provide this kind of service.” said the Chief Administrative Officer – Mr. Yuuji Izumo

Come to experience relax and enjoy when flying with us with fresh images.

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