Bound for the heartland Japan

New domestic flights bound for the heartland of Japan


Followed connection network established to having connection with international flights. Himawari Airlines starts the second part of domestic routes expandation.

“Bound for the heartland Japan” flights will provides >98% coverage of Japan airports. From the south boundary, Yonaguni of Okinawa and the most north point, Wakkanai of Hokkaido. Now we are heading to whole Japan and writing a new page for air traveling.


Furthermore, according to our commitment with local residents after Japan National Airways privatlization. We will provide fast and efficient air travel service to restart flight from Honshu ( main island) to outing island. For this, we are proud to be world first operator of high reliablility and high quality French based Aérospatiale ATR42-500 aircraft.

On this aircraft, we executived our mutual respect sprit to local residents that installing Relaxing Cabin on to the plane.

From today, we will continue to provide Relax and Enjoy air services by euqipped digital cockpit and comfort cabin ATR-42 aircraft.

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