Himawari Airlines signs 50 orders to launch the Long Range Boeing 777

03 Apr 2000 – Tokyo Metropolis

Himawari Airlines launched Long Range Boeing 777-300

Himawari Airlines today said the Tokyo-based airline had already signed the firm order of 50 and 20 order options of Boeing 777-300ER ( Extended Range) aircraft. The Boeing 777-300ER is the standard of comfort and performance of 21 century jetliner. This biggest twinjet in the world offered a ultra-long range by it’s range to 7500nm that can bringing passengers and cargo from Tokyo to Caribbean sea or from Tokyo to South Africa by 2 powerful jet engine and without any intermediate stops.

Himawari Airlines selected Boeing 777 series as their fleet expansion  foundation by Boeing 777’s high fleet commonality and environmental friendly. Boeing 777 is the first jet liner in the world used laser assembly and fully computer design to provide best aerodynamic fuselage.

The new Boeing 777-300 will be powered by General Electric GE90-115B engine, which provides 115,000 pound of thrust and will become world’s most powerful engine.

“The state of art technology such as fly-by-wire and other avionics on the aircraft ensured safety and lowered it’s operation cost on each flight. The plane has widest commercial plane cabin that will let passengers have the best-ever flight experience. That also proved Boeing 777’s revenue ability, so that’s why we choosed it.” – said Yuuji Izumo, Chief Administrative Officer of Himawari Airlines.

Besides the co-operation partner of Himawari Airlines, General Electric’s product will be installed on the plane. Much of the 777 airplane structure, which includes fuselage panels, the wing center section assembly, wing-to-body fairings, passenger entry doors and wing inspar ribs, is produced by a consortium of Japanese aerospace manufacturers including Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Fuji Heavy Industries, Shinmaywa and Nippi.

The Boeing 777-300ER will eventually into service starting from year 2004 on American and Caribbean Sea long haul routes after Boeing 777-300 served key America west coast routes.

About Himawari Airlines,

Himawari Airlines established on year 1992 and it’s one of the world’s leading airlines in Asia which based at Tokyo, Japan. The company aim to provide “relax and enjoy” services by introducing new planes each year. The company concerned on environmental issues related it’s aerial services and put more than 1/4 of it’s income into sustainable developments.

About Boeing 777 family,

Boeing’s 777 family is one of the world’s most advanced, and the 777 is the only airplane to receive ETOPS (extended-range, twin-engine operations) certification upon first entering service. Thirty-four airlines have ordered approximately 641 Boeing 777s. The 777 has continually been selected by passengers as the most preferred airplane in its class by a margin of three-to-one. Since its launch, it has been the fastest selling twin engine airplane in history, outselling the closest competitor in its class despite entering service two years later.

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