Google world of mouth needs you !

In order help to develop google’s IME technology, voice control on andriod handheld and voice recongization. World of mouth sampling work is now under going by sending out temp staff from Google Hong Kong like me wwww. The sampling process needs different people with different accent to finlish. As every Hong Kong people speaks different accent and everone have their own tone, therefore anyone can be the tester.

The sampling is very simple, first of all I will ask you to record 500 different sentences which fromed by 3-4 charaters of serach keyword entered by people using google. It consum about 20 mins to complete. After that, you can have a look and have fun  with Google Nexus One, that phone which recorded your voice before  . And you will get a google world of mouth T-shirt which exclusived to tester (not even a google staff will got that) .

So… if you were interested in this project, e-mail me anytime on

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