Upgraded cabin comfort

20/AUG, Tokyo Metropolis

New cabin design for Airbus A320 and A321 fleet

For over 5 years, Airbus(TM) A320 and Airbus(TM) A321 fleet served airline’s South East Asia routes departing from Narita, Tokyo and Fukuoka. Carried numbers of passengers day by day. Sunflower Airlines is introducing new cabin design of both Leisure Class and Business Class for current Airbus(TM) A320 and Airbus(TM) A321 fleet as the mid life upgrade work. The new cabin will be named as “innoCabin” because of the innovation that sightly improved comfort and user-friendly environment on Airbus A320 and Airbus A321.

Following Sunflower Airlines won another franchise bid of new Tokyo south East Asia routes and secured different destination franchise of Fukuoka from Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLT). The company have ordered 27 brand new Airbus A321 aircraft for network expansion and capacity increasing.

Leisure Class in innoCabin

We will together implement the same new-standard cabin which selected by the company for new Airbus A321. innoCabin was designed co-operation with Airbus Industry to improve cabin environment and reducing noise . The innoCabin contained new better ergonomics Leisure Class and Business Class seat and AVOD ( Audio / Video on demand ) cabin entertainment system providing more than 25 channels of video, audio and games. The innoCabin also provided new-designed “Flexlight” cabin lighting to improve awareness while daytime and on ground. Flexlight is always controlling by various sensor inside cabin and adjust lighting time by time following brightness of sky outside the plane in flight, so that you can sleep under in a dark cabin, eating under sunset and reading comfortably. Innocabin also comes with Cabin Management Computer System to help our crew arrangement and adjust cabin condition also notifying them your need and everything inside the cabin are environmental -friendly.

innoCabin upgrade work will be commenced from August, 2007 and finished before the end of 2007. All Airbus A320 and A321 fleet will flying with innoCabin starting from year 2008 together with 27-nes A321 in service.

About Sunflower Airlines,
Sunflower Airlines established on year 1995 and it’s one of the leading airlines in Japan which providing domestic, connection flights and international flights from and to Okinawa. The company aim to provide “relax and enjoy” services . The company concerned on environmental issues related it’s aerial services and put more than 1/5 of it’s income into sustainable developments.

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