Time to say goodbay – Sunflower Airlines

03, May – Tokyo Metropolis

Sunflower Airlines say good bye to everyone

Sunflower Airlines is going to handover all of it’s franchise to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLT) of Japan Government due of the company could not made the final agreement on upcoming bid of franchise besides routes from Tokyo Narita Airport. This will result the company to quit operating all domestic route of Sendai Airport, all domestic routes of Fukuoka Airport and some Asia routes from or to Fukuoka, all international routes from Okinawa and all domestic routes together with newly operated South East Asia routes of Tokyo Narita Airport.

The company was established in 1995 from the merger of Tohoku Connection based at Sendai, Connecxion Express based at New Tokyo International Airport (Narita Airport in today) and Fukuoka Regional Airline based at Fukuoka. After 14 years of expansion and development, the company is now operating 130 aircraft with average fleet age not more than 5 year-old. The company is now hiring more than 18,000 staff located at 113 airports and flying more than 450 pair of routes.

In commitment of MLT, Sunflowers Airlines will remain part of it’s fleet for the new operator of newly South East Asia routes departing from Tokyo Narita. The company will remain all of it’s business of Sunflower Aircraft Management in order to support the development of other airlines in Japan and providing aircraft source and maintenance services for different customers all over the world.

The handover of airlines currently operating by Sunflower Airline will effect from 1st, Jun 2009

About Sunflower Airlines, Sunflower Airlines established on year 1995 and it’s one of the leading airlines in Japan which providing domestic, connection flights and international flights from and to Okinawa. The company aim to provide “relax and enjoy” services . The company concerned on environmental issues related it’s aerial services and put it’s income into sustainable developments every year.

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