Network Crosscountry Start Operating West German made VFW614 aircraft

July 15, London

Network Crosscountry start operating West German made VFW614 aircraft upon the request from goverment

Following the government offered a new financial supporting measure to the Federal Republic of Germany (Bundesrepublik Deutschland), which is a one-time supporting included purchasing 5 aircraft made by Federal Republic of Germany. The purchase totally cost£26,925,000. These 5 aircraft will be operated under Network Crosscountry’s commercial flight departing from London Stansted and Belfast, Northern Ireland for connecting European passengers to numbers of their final destinations included Bournemouth, Durham, East Midlands, Kirkwall, Leeds, Norwich, Plymouth, Southampton, Stornoway, St Mary’s Island, Blackpool and Isle of Man day by day.

VFW-Fokker 641 aircraft

The VFW-614 aircraft was equipped safe and reliable flight instrument. It is having 44 seats, which is a half-smaller than the company’s main role British made BAC111 aircraft. However thanks to the wide cross section cabin design, these planes are still very comfortable and having a good hospitality during flight. As these VFW614 aircraft are taking the role that transporting passengers from different European country to everywhere of Britain. The aircraft have it’s jet engines mounted above wing enable a sub-sonic journey to and from airport having relatively short runway and the design was able to make the plane lowered it’s floor to reduce the distance between the plane and air stairs so that passengers can board and leave the plane with very easy way even though they are carrying luggage and having clothes on their hands.

We are looking forward to serving you on the newly introduced VFW614 aircraft.

About Network Crosscountry,
Network Crosscountry is one of the leading airline company in Great Britain. The company mainly provides cross-European routes departing from both of it’s base in London Stansted and Belfast, Northern Ireland and offered numbers of connecting flight letting passengers going to different Britain cities by air traveling. The company is quickly expanding since it’s establishment in years 1981 and maintained British quality for passengers. The company also invested onto different airport service infrastructure and bringing new air services to the Northern Ireland.

About VFW-Fokker,
VFW-Fokker GmbH is a joint venture of Fokker and Vereinigte Flugtechnische Werke (VFW) started in 1969 and controlled by The Entwicklungsring Nord (Northern development circle) . This joint venture involved Dutch-based Fokker and Vereinigte Flugtechnische Werke (VFW) was created to develop parts for rockets and get involved in space activities.


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