[轉載] 維基百科 十載自由知識 Wikipedia Celebrates 10 Years of Free Knowledge

維基百科 十載自由知識
Wikipedia users and contributors mark the project’s first decade with events around the world


San Francisco, January 15, 2011 — On this day ten years ago, a website with a funny name invited people everywhere to come together to create a free encyclopedia. The initial results were underwhelming. The article “Astronomer” simply said: “Scientist whose area of Research is Astronomy.” Sweden: “Country in Northern Europe. Inhabitants are called Swedes. Language spoken is Swedish. Capital is Stockholm.” Physics: “Physics is a very broad subject.”

美國 三藩市 – 十年前的今日,一個名稱古怪的網站開張了。這個網站邀請所有人合作,編寫一部免費的百科全書。網站初期的反應並不樂觀:「天文學家」的全文是「研究天文的科學家」;「瑞典」只寫道「北歐的一個國家,居民稱瑞典人,語言是瑞典文,首都設於斯德哥爾摩」;「物理」的定義為「物理是一門非常空泛的學科」。

Following these humble beginnings, Wikipedia grew quickly, and 1,000 articles were written in less than a month. Over the next five years, many new language versions were launched, and Wikipedia began to surpass traditional reference sources in breadth and depth. The secret to its success: anyone can edit any article. In January 2006, Wikipedia volunteer Gareth Owen wrote on his user page: “The problem with Wikipedia is that it only works in practice. In theory, it’s a total disaster.”

話雖如此,維基百科卻從始快速增長,不足一個月便寫成一千篇文章。接著五年,維基百科開拓了多個不同語言的版本,並在知識廣度和深度上開始超越一般參考典籍。維基百科的成功之道在於任何人都可以條改任何一篇文章。正如維基百科義工歐家利(Gareth Owen)在二零零六年一月於他的用戶頁中指出,「維基百科的問題在於它只能在實際上成功。理論上,它應該徹底失敗。」

Wikipedia is now consulted by more than 400 million people every month. It provides instant access to high quality and in-depth information, free of charge and free of advertising. In the last decade, a vast and unique global volunteer community has come together to create more than 17 million articles in 270 languages, advancing the cause of free knowledge for every person on the planet.


Today, January 15, the Wikipedia community is coming together in more than 200 locations all over the planet to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the free encyclopedia. From a conference in New York to a concert in Prague, from the launch of a new school project in Nairobi to a museum bootcamp in Amsterdam, from a beer-meet in Bucharest to a film screening in Tel Aviv, the events are organized by volunteers and Wikimedia chapters, as well as independent supporters. The events are open to participation by anyone and reflect the diversity of the community.


Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, recalled: “It’s hard to imagine that it’s been 10 years since I first edited Wikipedia. I remember that first day. I clicked on ‘Edit’ and I wrote ‘Hello World’, and that was the beginning of Wikipedia and all the things that have come since then. I want to thank everyone who has helped. I want to thank all the people who have edited Wikipedia, who have contributed to this great knowledge base. I want to thank everyone who is reading Wikipedia, who is really engaging with ideas and knowledge. That’s what we made it for: we made it for you to read.”

維基百科創辦人衞詹美(Jimmy Wales)憶述:「實在難以想像,我第一次編輯維基百科原來已經是十年前的事了。我記得那一天,我按下『編輯』按鈕,寫上一個『Hello World』,維基百科就此誕生。我要感謝每一個有份參與的人。我要感謝所有曾經編輯維基百科,為這龐大的資訊庫作出貢獻的人。我要感謝每一位讀者對知識的熱誠,因為這就是維基百科的存在意義:以饗讀者。」

Wikipedia is operated by the Wikimedia Foundation, a charitable non-profit organization established by Wales in 2003. It is entirely supported by donations, and just completed the most successful fundraiser in its history, with more than 500,000 individual donations totaling more than $16 million.


Sue Gardner, Wikimedia Foundation Executive Director, has ambitious goals for the future. “We want to reach a billion people by 2015. We want to persuade more readers to edit. More women. More people from the Global South. We know that the more diverse the editing community becomes, the more comprehensive, accurate and rich the encyclopedia will be.”

維基媒體基金會行政總裁簡娜素(Sue Gardner)對未來發展甚有抱負。她說:「到二零一五年,我們要接觸到十億人。我們要推動更多讀者變成編者,吸引更多女性、更多來自發展中國家的人加入成為編者。我們深知,編者群體越多元化,百科全書的內容便越趨全面、精確和豐富。」

Jimmy Wales joined her call to action: “Even though we’ve got millions of articles, even though we’re in hundreds of languages, there’s still a lot of work to do. So, I want everybody out there, if you’ve never edited Wikipedia, try it – just click ‘edit’.”


For more information about Wikipedia 10 events


About the Wikimedia Foundation


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