Network Crosscountry have started the merger with Air Bristol

Today – Westminster, London

Network Crosscountry have finished the merger of backstage operation level

Under the administrative order issued by the Civil Aviation Authority, Network Crosscountry (NXC) have initialed the merger work with the state operated carrier – Air Bristol under the agreement of three parties including the Bristol City Council. The aim of the order is to have a better utilize the usage of  Bristol Airport and providing more destinations to passengers via a private operator so that the rely on public financial will eventually reduce.

A Brazilian made 30 seater rapid turboprop - EMB120

As one of the target of merger, NXC will introduce the newly manufactured EMB-120 30 seat rapid propeller aircraft to national and new regional routes and 149 seat McDonnell Douglas MD-88 aircraft onto new high demand routes from Bristol to big cities in Europe. The company will also rearrange numbers of owned newer British made 75-100 seats BAC111 aircraft to replace all conventional flight operating by aging fleet. The MD-88 also equipped with state of the art avionics and computer system to reduce the workload of our pilots and provide safe and efficient journey. Now passengers will able to have comfortable flights by bring them more seats and bigger airplanes by us. Some of the route will have up to 50% of capacity boost.

In order to reducing affect to passengers, Network Crosscountry decided to commence the “backstage merger”. The “backstage merger” is to merge the administrative operations and management. Network crosscountry will only providing new flights from and to Bristol in order to let services of both airliners remains unchanged to passengers. Customers flying on Air Bristol will continue to check in at ticket counters, and to be assisted by Air Bristol employees, and customers flying on Network Crosscountry will continue to check in at NXC counters, and to be assisted by NXC employees. However, passengers of Air Bristol are now able to join the frequent flying program of NXC – The Voyager by booking any flights operating by Air Bristol and NXC then enjoy benefits by using their miles.

The McDonnell Douglas MD-88 aircraft have 149 seats of economy class and business class

“Merging Air Bristol services have been put into the last priority and we believe this is the best way to passengers” – Chairman, Network Crosscountry

The company will acquire current Air Bristol flight on by one. Planes, checkin counters, leaflet, timetable and indications will receive a new corporate identity with “Air Bristol – Network Crosscountry” to remind passengers have any inquiry should call the NXC hotline or mail to NXC HQ. And all staff will wear new uniform to presenting our passengers our new image.

About Network Crosscountry,

Network Crosscountry is one of the leading airline company in Great Britain.The company was established on 1981 and currently operating 165 of different range aircraft for providing new choices to the new market of budget flights from Europe and Middle East to big cities in Great Britain including Bristol, Belfast and Stansted, London. The company is still quickly expanding since it’s establishment in years 1981 and maintained British quality for passengers. The company also invested onto different airport service infrastructure and bringing new air services to the Northern Ireland.

About Mcdonnell Douglas MD-88,

The McDonnell Douglas MD-80 series are twin-engine, medium-range, single-aisle commercial jet airliners. The MD-80 aircraft were lengthened and updated from the DC-9. The MD-80 series can seat from 130 up to 172 passengers depending on variant and seating arrangement. The MD-80 has a narrow-body fuselage design with 5-abreast seating, and holds 120 to 155 passengers depending on seating arrangement and aircraft version.

About Embrear EMB120 Brasilia,
The Embraer EMB 120 Brasilia is a 30 seater twin-turboprop commuter airliner can fly up to 1250 kilometers / 776 miles at the speed of 490km/h or 305mph with quiet engines, produced by Embraer of Brazil.

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